Collection: Groote Post

Groote Post is situated 7km from the cold Atlantic. The cooling effect of the ocean creates an ideal climate in which vines flourish, providing a longer growing season with a greater build-up of flavours in the grapes.

Our soils have high clay content, are deep and well-drained, providing our vines with the necessary nourishment throughout the growing season. Spearheaded by the Pentz family, the wine growing team is dedicated to producing world class wines. The cool climate Darling Hills are perfectly suited to Sauvignon Blanc, which makes up a third of all wine produced at Groote Post.

Groote Post has a very rustic, country like, west-coast feel about it, which visitors find very appealing. This makes a visit to Groote Post unforgettable as the countryside is so different from other wine areas.

All buildings are National Monuments dating back to the late 18th century.